Vangelo, an Italian film about one guy’s experience of visiting an asylum centre and slowly beginning to interact with the refugees there…
Vangelo, presented at Venice Film Festival in 2016 in the framework of “Giornate degli Autori”, shows Pippo Delbono visiting a centre where refugees come to seek asylum. He shares their everyday lives, between painful memories and an uncertain future. Slowly but surely, the refugees open up to Pippo, telling him their stories. A relationship of trust emerges and gives Pippo the idea to bring them to the stage in a Gospel. Thus fulfilling a promise he made to his mother before she died.

The screening is joined by Pippo Delbono, the director and leading actor of the film on the occasion of Cinema Made in Italy.


4th March 17:00-19:30


Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square , SW1X 8NX

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