(Mar 21) Shelter from the Storm: Stories of Refugee Life

This event will share the individual stories from refugees and migrants from a wealth of regions and conflict zones both past and present. When: Tuesday 21st March   19:00 – 22:00 Where: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL More Info Get a ticket (£10) here : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/shelter-from-the-storm-stories-of-refugee-life-tickets-32322234674 All proceeds from ticket sales and … Continue reading (Mar 21) Shelter from the Storm: Stories of Refugee Life


(Mar 20-25) Listen: Giving a Voice to Refugees

A pop-­up sound installation exhibition, dedicated to giving a voice to refugees whose voices are not heard, by allowing the community to listen to the individual stories of why people are migrating from a migrant’s perspective. The personal stories of refugees will be transmitted through 20 suspended headphones; and later the audience can share their … Continue reading (Mar 20-25) Listen: Giving a Voice to Refugees

(Mar 13) Celebrating Syrian Refugees in Britain

In the light of celebrating the Syrian Freedom Week - 6th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution - Syria Solidarity is hosting a story-telling and panel discussion event at UCL. The panel speakers: Ahmad Al-Rashid, a graduate student at UCL originally from Aleppo, and worked in various aspects relating to refugee rights and child rights in conflict … Continue reading (Mar 13) Celebrating Syrian Refugees in Britain

(Mar 5) Migrant Connections Festival

This day-event is a creative, community- and connection-building for migrants and refugees in London. Throughout the day, there will be films, talks, live music, spoken music and inclusive workshops for everyone interested. This is an inclusive safe space, open and to people from all backgrounds created to celebrate diversity. When: 5th March 10:00-17:00 Where: Praxis … Continue reading (Mar 5) Migrant Connections Festival

(Mar 1st) National Refugee Women’s Conference

The second National Refugee Women's Conference will take place, this time involving inspiring female refugees and influential opinion leaders from all fields from the Harry Potter Play to the Parliament. The Conference will be opened by Noma Dumezweni (Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) and closed by the performance by Yasmin Kadi, singer-songwriter and refugee. … Continue reading (Mar 1st) National Refugee Women’s Conference

(Feb 28) Our Voices

Walk Tall is going to host a theatre-based event which will reflect on the lives & journeys of young refugees arriving in the UK & the impact of forced displacement. This event aims to provide a perspective -  why people make these arduous journeys -  how we can receive them with humanity. When: 28th February 10:00-13:00 Where: The Woodville Halls Theatre, Woodville Place, Gravesend, DA12 1DD More Info: Register here for an free … Continue reading (Feb 28) Our Voices

People of the Earth: sowing seeds of human connection

People of the Earth is a project about living from our deepest values, making connections and strengthening community between Londoners and those seeking to make their home in the UK. St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace is organising a multi-variety event where you can co-create an exciting, creative community where our shared humanity is more … Continue reading People of the Earth: sowing seeds of human connection